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Hi Hanneke, If my understanding is correct, you cannot use common filters over all sessions, exactly because of the reason you mention (different spatial relation between sensors and the head/brain). Using common filters within a session is ok of course (to look at effect of condition on a source's activity). What you could do as an alternative is compute virtual sensor time courses for the source-of-interest, separately for both sessions, and subsequently append these (source-level) data afterwards (and then your contrasts/statistics). Hope this helps. Stan -- Stan van Pelt, PhD Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI) for Neuroscience in Cooperation with Max Planck Society Deutschordenstr. 46 60528 Frankfurt, Germany Website: www.esi-frankfurt.de E-mail: stan.vanpelt at esi-frankfurt.de Tel: +49 (0)69 96769 519 Fax: +49 (0)69 96769 555 ----- Oorspronkelijk bericht -----
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> Onderwerp: [FieldTrip] source analysis: common filter
> Dear all,
> Currently I am analyzing data of an experiment in which subjects
> perform two conditions in two sessions. They have been out of the MEG
> system between the sessions.
> For sourceanalysis I am using mni-normalized headmodels and grids.
> This because in the two sessions the subjects are probably seated
> slightly differently in the MEG system. (Thus I have separate
> headmodels and grids for the two sessions).
> Currently I am using a common filter for analyzing the two conditions
> within a session. I am wondering however if it would be (even)
> possible and if yes, more, or less correct to use a common filter over
> all conditions/sessions.
> Best Regards,
> Hanneke
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