[FieldTrip] TMSI2FiledTrip real time buffer

"Jörn M. Horschig" jm.horschig at donders.ru.nl
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Dear Jie,

I'm afraid I cannot really help you with your particular problem, but 
some basics that you should generally be covered and may thus help 

  - when using cfg.dataset = '(...) localhost (...) ' make sure that the 
shared memory/buffer is running locally, i.e. on the same computer. This 
involves starting tmsi2ft on that computer.
  - if it is running on a different computer, be sure to not use 
localhost but the corresponding computer's name or ip
  - make sure that the port (here 1972) is open (i.e. not blocked by 
some firewall or in use by another program) and that the buffer accesses it
  - maybe you could try to 'ping' the ip where the buffer is supposed to 
run to check whether everything is set up correctly (not sure if this 
actually works)

I guess you already saw this page (but I thought it'd be wise to point 
to it nonetheless):

I hope that one of these comments help.


On 6/15/2012 7:35 PM, jie liu wrote:
> Hi All,
> The hardware I used is TMSI refa 128 working with usb (driver is fusbi 
> version windows xp+service pack3.
> I was using TMSi-to-Fieldtrip interface from TMSito export data to the 
> Fieldtrip buffer
> I tried the ft_realtime_signalviewer function to get the data assuggested.
> The code I was using:
> cfg= [];
> cfg.blocksize= 1;% seconds
> cfg.dataset= 'buffer://localhost:1972';% where to read the data
> ft_realtime_signalviewer(cfg)
> I got some errors:
> Warning: could not read header from
> buffer://localhost:1972, retrying in 1
> second
> > In ft_read_header at 894
> In ft_realtime_signalviewer at 72
> In test_Buffer_draw at 6
> My question is that do I need to open the FieldTrip buffer server 
> before I start the TMSi-to-Fieldtrip interface from TMSi? Do I need to 
> do some kinds of initialization in FieldTrip?
> I would appreciate very much if you could give me a guide or step by 
> step instruction on how to use real time buffer in FieldTrip with TMSi.
> Thank you all for the time and help!
> Best wishes
> Jie
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