[FieldTrip] How to use FieldTrip on mat files for Biomag2012?

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Dear Vlad,

FieldTrip data reading functions do not work with .mat files, but with raw data file formats that are the result from direct data recording. If data is already available in a .mat file, you can just load it in MATLAB workspace using
>> load ltmcla_S08.mat

This should result in some variable, most likely data in your workspace. You can then call ft_preprocessing like this:
>> ft_preprocessing(cfg, data)

I am not quite sure about what data you will obtain, maybe it is already preprocessed. Be sure to check this by looking at data.cfg

Good luck with your project, I hope you have fun and success using FieldTrip ;)

On 6/11/2012 3:40 AM, Vlad Chiriacescu wrote:

  I am working on a school project related to the Biomag 2012 analysis competition.

  I have downloaded a .zip file from ftp://ftp.fcdonders.nl/pub/biomag2012/.

  I have extracted the content and I am interested in the second objective,
the one related to long-term memory representations (folder data2).

  I was able to load the 2 mat files into Matlab workspace.

  I was also able to use FieldTrip functions on tutorial code.

  However, when I try to use ft_preprocessing on one of the mat files I get an error.

  Here is the code I wrote:

  cfg1.dataset = 'ltmcla_S08.mat'
  data_org = ft_preprocessing(cfg1)

  And the error is:
  ??? Error using ==> ft_read_header at 1639
unsupported header format (matlab)

Error in ==> ft_preprocessing at 344
  hdr = ft_read_header(cfg.headerfile, 'headerformat', cfg.headerformat);

  I saw a tutorial using ft_read_header, ft_read_data and ft_write_data
on a .dat file that was converting it to a mat/bin pair.

  However, I do not have a .dat file, I have a .mat file.

  Just in case is necessary, I write some details of the .mat file:
Is a 1*1 matlab structure with the following fields:
data, channel, design, time, fs, dim.

  How could I use FieldTrip on this data? If there are more ways, which one would be the fastest/easiest?

  Thanks a lot,


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