[FieldTrip] How to use FieldTrip on mat files for Biomag2012?

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Dear Vlad,

It seems that the matlab structure already contains the data in fieldtrip format. This structure normally is created when you read raw data from some compatible data format.



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El 11/06/2012, a las 03:40, Vlad Chiriacescu escribió:

>   Hello,
>   I am working on a school project related to the Biomag 2012 analysis competition.
>   I have downloaded a .zip file from ftp://ftp.fcdonders.nl/pub/biomag2012/.
>   I have extracted the content and I am interested in the second objective,
> the one related to long-term memory representations (folder data2).
>   I was able to load the 2 mat files into Matlab workspace.
>   I was also able to use FieldTrip functions on tutorial code.
>   However, when I try to use ft_preprocessing on one of the mat files I get an error.
>   Here is the code I wrote:
>   cfg1.dataset = 'ltmcla_S08.mat'
>   data_org = ft_preprocessing(cfg1)
>   And the error is:
>   ??? Error using ==> ft_read_header at 1639
> unsupported header format (matlab)
> Error in ==> ft_preprocessing at 344
>   hdr = ft_read_header(cfg.headerfile, 'headerformat', cfg.headerformat);
>   I saw a tutorial using ft_read_header, ft_read_data and ft_write_data 
> on a .dat file that was converting it to a mat/bin pair.
>   However, I do not have a .dat file, I have a .mat file.
>   Just in case is necessary, I write some details of the .mat file:
> Is a 1*1 matlab structure with the following fields:
> data, channel, design, time, fs, dim.
>   How could I use FieldTrip on this data? If there are more ways, which one would be the fastest/easiest?
>   Thanks a lot,
>   Vlad
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