[FieldTrip] help about Fieldtrip Multivariate Module

acorneyllie at olfac.univ-lyon1.fr acorneyllie at olfac.univ-lyon1.fr
Wed Jun 27 10:38:03 CEST 2012

Dear all,

I'm starting to use fieldtrip to analyse EEG data : I would like to select
channels and extract representative features of 18 cognitive tasks. The
signal comes from a 96ch brain product system. To begin, I made the
anlysis offline. Using the tutorial, I had imported, rereferenced and
preprocessed the data (find the good layout, extract trials, remove
artifacts,..) and made some first analysis using the toolbox. (pca, time
frequency representation, average spectrum over trials and subjects,..).
(By the way, the fieldtrip toolbox is brilliant)

I'm really interested on using the FieldTrip Multivariate Module but I'm
having difficulties to get started.

Is there an usage example ?

My data (after preprocessing) are organized, for each subject, on a
structure of 18 stuctures (one for each task) each corresponding to the
output of ft_preprocessing. I also get the same organization for the
spectral corresponding values.

Do you think it's a good way to process ?

Feel free to ask me more details or give advices.

Thanks for your implication,
Alexandra Corneyllie
CAP engineer team
Lyon Neuroscience Research Center CRNL
Phone + 33

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