[FieldTrip] Structure of 4D-Fourierspectrum with Multi-Taper

Wutz, Andreas andreas.wutz-1 at unitn.it
Tue Jul 3 23:44:09 CEST 2012

Dear all,

in requesting from a ft_freqanalysis with output ='fourier' and 2 multitapers, I figured out that in the 4D matrix in the field 'fourierspctrm' the first dimension refers to the number of tapers that are calculated (Number of trials -times- number of tapers). My question refers to the organization of this dimension. Are in the example with 2 tapers the two tapers from the same trial next to each other? Or do we have first, the outputs from the first taper for all the trials and then, all the trials for the 2nd taper? I would like to calculate the circular mean of the phase angles across trials and therefore would need to combine the outputs of the two tapers per trial. Is there already some fieldtrip function to do this? How should it be done? 

Thank you very much.

Andreas Wutz
PhD Student 
CIMeC - Center for Mind/Brain Sciences
Università degli studi di Trento

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