[FieldTrip] question about MNI alignment

Ali Bahramisharif ali at cs.ru.nl
Wed Feb 29 21:10:54 CET 2012

Dear Fieldtrip users,

I want to create MNI-aligned grids in individual head-space, and I follow
the guidelines in :


I do not know how old this page is, but I noticed that for example in the
current version "cfg.coordinates" should be "cfg.coordsys". I have the
following problems:

1- When I run "ft_plot_mesh(template_grid);", I get a cubic grid which is
apparently different from the one shown in the page.

2- When I run, ft_plot_vol(hdm), it does not seem to be aligned to

I checked my segmented volumes, and they seem to be fine, and I did not
need to run flipdim. I am wondering whether my segmented data is correct
or it should be flipped somewhere. Please let me know if anybody knows how
to resolve this problem.


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