[FieldTrip] spm_eeg_ft2spm

Stenner, Max-Philipp max-philipp.stenner at med.ovgu.de
Mon Feb 27 17:02:32 CET 2012

Dear fieldtrippers,

I am trying to convert preprocessed/epoched fieldtrip data to spm8 using spm_eeg_ft2spm (for VB-ECD source analysis).

I derived volume conduction models for my participants using spm_eeg_convert on data (that was not preprocessed/epoched) a while ago without encountering major problems. spm_eeg_ft2spm, however, requires an input argument "filename", for which I have tried various definitions (a result-filename, the original ft-datafile and filenames both with and without .dat of the same session of the spm_eeg_convert output). As I am not familiar with file_arrays and find little help within the function scripts, I was wondering whether anyone could tell me the (probably simple) solution to overcome the error

'mat2file' Cant open file.

What does spm_eeg_ft2spm require as "filename" input?

I am using fieldtrip-20111130 on a Windows7 PC.

Thanks a lot,



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