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Mon Feb 20 12:25:46 CET 2012

Dear Fieldtrippers,

I have a question about how to report the findings using clusterstatistics.
I used the cluster method to determine at which channels activity is
significant different from zero.

The cluster method revealed a significant cluster ranging from about
258-370 ms (using ft_clusterplot). If I only look at a certain channel
(e.g., Fz) the activity is only significant during 272-322 ms.

The time interval of the cluster is determined by the first and the last
sample where the activity is significant, regardless if a certain channel
shows significant activity during the complete time interval. For instance,
if a certain channel shows significant activity only at sample X and
another channel only at sample X+100, the cluster ranges from sample X to

My problem is how to report the finding of the significant cluster. If I
report that a significant cluster was found from 258-370 ms and show a plot
of the activity at Fz (272-322 ms). Then the time intervals and p-values do
not correspond. The stat structure contains only the p-value for the time
interval of the cluster and not of the individual channels.

Any suggestions or examples of how to report clusterstatistics.


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