[FieldTrip] A problem in real-time processing of MEG signal using field trip buffer

Soheila Samiee sla.samiee at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 17:42:50 CET 2012

Dear group,

I use FieldTrip for real-time processing of MEG signals using shared memory
and field trip buffer in a machine other than acquisition system. I use
matlab for reading the buffer and processing the data.
During my data acquisition and sending it to other computer with
*acq2ft*in linux, I face a problem. After sending some blocks of data,
message: "*Internal Converter thread does not keep up with load*" is shown
in the terminal of *acq2ft* and in my matlab session I see an error :
"ERROR: the buffer returned an error (517)". It does not depend on sampling
rate of data in acquisition system. The problem often solve when I restart
the computer which receives the data, but after some minutes of
transferring the data I see the message again.

Would you please help me in solving this problem?
Best Wishes,
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