[FieldTrip] Bug in ft_megplanar? (Version 20121209)

Burkhard Maess maess at cbs.mpg.de
Mon Dec 17 17:39:25 CET 2012

Dear clme,

you try to compute planar gradiometer signals for a system which 
measures planar gradiometer signals. This is why fieldtrip tries to stop 
you from doing it.
So, instead of computing such signals you simply select the channels 
which have names according to this pattern: 'MEG...[23]'
Channel names ending with an 2 or 3 are planar gradiometer channels.

all the best,

clme at tf.uni-kiel.de wrote:
> Hello ft-users,
> Today I tried to plot planar gradients for neuromag306 data.
> When calling avgFICplanar        = ft_megplanar(cfg, avgFIC);
> I get the following error:
> ??? Error using ==> ft_checkdata at 406
> This function requires ctf151, ctf275, bti148, bti248, itab153,
> yokogawa160 or yokogawa64 data as input, but you are giving
> neuromag306 data.
> Error in ==> ft_megplanar at 106
> data = ft_checkdata(data, 'datatype', {'raw' 'freq'}, 'feedback', 'yes',
> 'hassampleinfo', 'yes', 'ismeg', 'yes',
> 'senstype', {'ctf151', 'ctf275', 'bti148', 'bti248', 'itab153',
> 'yokogawa160', 'yokoga
> Error in ==> reading_fif_planar at 39
> avgFCplanar        = ft_megplanar(cfg, avgFC);
> When manually adding ",'neuromag306'" to the senstype in line 106 and
> commenting out line 297 erverything seems to work as it should.
> Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
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