[FieldTrip] using fieldtrip to analyze CED data where each channel corresponds to a different channel

Russell G Port russgport at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 21:28:58 CET 2012

Hi All,

I very new to fieldtrip (as in 2 days), and I was just wondering what
peoples would do if it were them. Basically I have spike2 files, where each
channel corresponds to a separate animal. The problem comes into play
because we have multiple sessions, each with a different drug. Currently
the channels are labelled 'animalnumber_genotype'. To get the data to
append the different days I would use ft_appenddata. Though I have a
feeling because the channels have the same name on different days, and the
order of drug is randomized, it would be not so smooth. I think the best
way for me to get around this is changing the channel to
'animalnumber_genotype_drug'. Is this correct? I would do this because then
when I appended them I would have a channel per animal per drug. I would
then use a design matrix for a paired comparison on the statistics? Does
this sound feasible? There may be the chance that I am screwing up some of
the analysis since fieldtrip thinks these are just channels and
not separate subjects, so I wanted to check.

Russ Port
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