[FieldTrip] Using cfg.maskparameter with topoplotTFR

Clara A. Scholl clara.scholl at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 15:22:24 CET 2012

How can I specify cfg.maskparameter to mask out some channels when
plotting topoplots with ft_topoplotTFR?  When I specify a vector the
same length as the number of channels I'm plotting, I have an error
with line 697 of ft_topoplotTFR and get "??? Argument to dynamic
structure reference must evaluate to a valid field name."  I can see
that cfg.maskparameter should be a field of my data structure (datmask
= data.(cfg.maskparameter)), but I don't understand what that would

More generally, I want to plot scalp topographies with some channels
masked out (made transparent, or set to zero/white where the colorbar
is modified to be white at zero) BUT I don't want to actually set
those values to zero, because doing so generates interpolation
artifacts.  What's the best strategy?  The cluster plotting tutorials
are very nice for showing the whole topography with a subset of
channels highlighted, but I find that the presence of channel markers
obscures the underlying topography.  I'd really appreciate any
guidance or references for how to mask out a part of the topography.


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