[FieldTrip] connectivity/amplitude correlation

Karl Doron karl.doron at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 20:53:53 CEST 2012


I'm wondering if there are any publications with the maths behind the functions for ft_connectivity_corr. I would specifically like to confirm (for a pending publication) how the amplitude correlation is computed when the function is given output from ft_freqanalysis which contains a time dimension (relevant cfg parameters pasted below). I've assumed this is occurring in the frequency domain across trials for sensor i and sensor j.

cfg.channelcmb = chancmb;
cfg.method     = 'mtmconvol';
cfg.output     = 'fourier';
cfg.keeptrials = 'yes';
cfg.foi        = band(1):band(2);
cfg.toi        = 1.8:0.01:3.0;

Thanks for any feedback!

Karl Doron, Ph.D.
UC, Santa Barbara

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