[FieldTrip] EDF data

s.rombetto at cib.na.cnr.it s.rombetto at cib.na.cnr.it
Thu Aug 23 14:57:51 CEST 2012

Dear fieldtrip users,

I'm trying to import some EEG data in EDF format.
I am able to read the data structure using hdr=  
ft_read_header(rawdataname);  and also to read the data by data =  
but I receive an error message when I try to perform the  
ft_preprocessing command (Error in ==> ft_preprocessing at 511).

Do you have any hint or sample code?

Thank you in advance!

   Dott.ssa Sara Rombetto
   Istituto di Cibernetica
   "E. Caianiello"
   Via Campi Flegrei, 34
   80078 Pozzuoli (NA)
   tel +390818675361
   fax +390818675128
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