[FieldTrip] ft_rejectvisual: channel display

Markus Butz Markus.Butz at uni-duesseldorf.de
Thu Aug 9 17:24:48 CEST 2012

Dear list 


After defining 1 sec trials from continuous CTF data I want to use ft_rejectvisual using the following bit of code:


cfg.method    = 'trial';

chansel         = ft_channelselection({'M*','EOG*','-B*','-P*','-R*','-Q*'}, data.label);

cfg.channel     = chansel;

cfg.keepchannel = 'no';

data  = ft_rejectvisual(cfg,data);


What I don't understand is, why all channels are displayed in the layout, while only the selected ones show data and are saved in data.label (after going through >1 trials). However, when recalling "data  = ft_rejectvisual(cfg,data);" only the selected ones are displayed in the layout with data.


Does anyone has an explanation/fix for this, ie a solution that solely selected channels are displayed with the first call of ft_rejectvisual?



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