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Stan van Pelt stan.vanpelt at fcdonders.ru.nl
Wed Aug 8 16:14:38 CEST 2012

Hi Alina,

I forward your question to the FT discussion list, because I do not have experience with interpreting the source localization coordinate values. e.g., I do not know if they are actually in MNI space.

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> Van: "A.S. Peter (Alina)" <a.peter at fcdonders.ru.nl>
> Hi Stan,
> by visual inspection, I always thought that my source localization was
> quite ok, but now I actually looked with MRICron where the spm
> coordinates (=MNI coordinates, right?) are that fieldtrip outputs, and
> some are near occipital regions but outside the brain... I am puzzled.
> I tried linear ft_volumenormalize and also nonlinear, the MNI
> coordinates are somewhat different but the problem remains.
> I then went back to look at SAM which we did first and it seems there
> the sources were localized somewhat deeper/nicer than with LCMV
> anyhow, which also tells me it's probably not a fiducial problem. I
> think it may be partly my code (i.e. what I basically took from Avgis
> and looks like yours) but also partly conversion to MNI causing
> problems. Did you ever try to see the MNI coordinates for your data?
> Best,
> Alina

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