[FieldTrip] anonymize registers

Juan Garcia-Prieto juan.garciaprieto at ctb.upm.es
Sun Aug 5 20:41:35 CEST 2012

Hi everybody,

First time mailing this list. great pleasure. This is Juan, from madrid's
MEG lab.

I've coded a little matlab-FT script which anonymizes fif files (elekta

Brief story is that when sending  a .fif file somewhere else for
post-processing, it might be wise to eliminate any sensible information in
terms subjects name, id, etc. because of data privacy concerns. When
dealing with this issue, Elekta very gently supplied a script wrapper based
on regular expressions, to be run under linux. So my effort will only be
another way of solving the problem.

The script uses "fiff_read_tag_info" "fiff_read_tag" "fiff_make_dir_tree"
and "fiff_dir_tree_find" functions (part of FT) by Matti Hamalainen.

My question, is: Will this function be useful to some others? Specially
taking into account I have ONLY worked with neuromag .fif files.

thank you for your work. I've learned a LOT, only reading FT scripts.

Best regards,

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