[FieldTrip] Question about BCI2000 2D cursor task with Field trip buffer

DoHyun Kim dohuyn2001 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 1 07:17:37 CEST 2012

Hi, I'm a college student currently working on the BCI2000 2D cursor task with Field trip buffer.

To moves cursors all directions (up, down, left, and right), I followed the description from the wiki that 
event_up = event;
event_up.value = 1;
event_down = event;
event_down.value = -1;
event_null = event;
event_null.value = 0;
(see http://www.bci2000.org/wiki/index.php/Programming_Tutorial:Working_with_the_FieldTrip_buffer)

Currently, my cursor moves right and left with settings as
    event_left.value =-1.

While I'm trying to move my cursor on y-axis(since I'm aiming for 2D control), I couldn't figure out how I should write the script for up & down movements.
Does anyone know how to do it?
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