[FieldTrip] avg.filter subfield from ft_sourceanalysis

Thomas Hartmann thomas.hartmann at uni-konstanz.de
Wed Nov 30 10:51:13 CET 2011

dear vitoria,
its working with me. have you checked for cfg.keepfilter = 'yes'; ?


On 30.11.2011 09:40, Vitória Magalhães Piai wrote:
> Dear all,
> When using ft_sourceanalysis, I used to obtain a subfield 
> data.avg.filter.
> Yesterday, I tried using the same script I used to run until 2 weeks 
> ago, but now I only get data.avg.pow as a subfield after using 
> ft_sourceanalysis.
> I'm using the version with the last change from 25th Nov.
> Has something been changed recently or is this just a bug?
> Cheers, Vitória

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