[FieldTrip] Trigger channel for edf

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at donders.ru.nl
Mon Nov 7 10:22:27 CET 2011

Hi David

On 7 Nov 2011, at 2:29, David Iglesias López wrote:
> I would like like to simply make all my data as continuous

cfg = [];
cfg.dataset = 'filename.edf'
cfg.continuous = 'yes'
data = ft_preprocessing(cfg)

should do that for you. See also

> and then apply my trl matrix, which is indeed correct. How could I proceed? Should I change hdr info after it is read, updating nTrials and nSamples?
> I don't know how to chop my data correctly.

Once the data is in memory (either segmented in many small pieces or one large piece), you can use ft_redefinetrial to change the segmentation (e.g. cut trials into shorter pieces or change from stimulus locked to response locked). In your case you can pass the trl to ft_redefinetrial.



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