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Vladimir Litvak litvak.vladimir at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 12:12:13 CET 2011

Dear colleagues,

You might be interested in the announcement below. We are planning to also
film a complete SPM for M/EEG course and make it available next year.


Vladimir Litvak

The Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging
UCL Institute of Neurology

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Dear all,

We are pleased to announce that recordings from the May 2011 SPM
Course for fMRI, PET and VBM, at the Wellcome Trust Centre for
Neuroimaging, are now freely available online:


There are also two recorded practical demonstrations from the 2009 MEG
and EEG course on the same page.

Higher quality versions of the videos can be obtained on a DVD
available for purchase:


If you encounter any problems viewing the movies, or have any comments
or suggestions for future courses, please get in touch with one of
those CCed directly.

Best wishes,

Ged (Organiser of the SPM course for fMRI/PET/VBM in May)
Guillaume (Organiser of the SPM Course in October, SPM software
manager and webmaster)
Vladimir (Organiser of the SPM course for MEG and EEG)
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