[FieldTrip] [Solution] Plotting dipole moment in 3D

B.Mouthaan at neuro.umcn.nl B.Mouthaan at neuro.umcn.nl
Wed Nov 2 14:34:57 CET 2011

In response to my earlier posts. The problem is solved.

It was correct that dipole.dip.ori was not existing, because ori is created when calling ft_plot_dipole. [ori] contains the three parameters of dipole.dip.mom. So I used the following code to create the vector:

 hold on
 alpha 0.5

for j=1:21

ft_plot_dipole(dipole.dip.pos, dipole.dip.mom(:,j),'color', 'r', 'units', 'mm')
pause (1)

I used an iteration, because the moment of the dipole changes every timepoint. My previous figure became dark, and i didn't see the vector. The reason for this is that my units were not defined. No putting the units similarly as in the BEM-model, the figure shows a clear dipole vector.

Thanks for the help you all!

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