[FieldTrip] [multivariate] "multivariate" subdirectory not included upon "addpath" of FieldTrip root directory

Sander Maijers S.N.Maijers at student.ru.nl
Wed May 25 12:13:01 CEST 2011

Dear readers,

While all other functional subdirectories do get included after an
"addpath" of the FieldTrip root directory, the "multivariate"
subdirectories does not get included.

It assume this is because of automatical detection that requirements of
the FieldTrip multivariate module were not met.

Yet while some parts of the multivariate module seem to rely on
features exclusive to MATLAB 64-bit editions, others (like the ridge
regression functionality) do not.

>From my (tentative) investigation it appears that there is no standard
way to add a path recursively from a startup.m file, even though that
can be done with the graphical interface of MATLAB. 

What are your thoughts about this? 

Can anyone offer a method to automatically add FieldTrip including the
multivariate module to the path upon startup of MATLAB that works in
my situation?

Kind regards,
Sander Maijers

In case it would be relevant: I use MATLAB R2011a 32-bit under 64-bit

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