[FieldTrip] Human neurophysiology analysis tech posting in San Diego

Matthew Davidson matthew at psych.columbia.edu
Tue May 10 00:37:39 CEST 2011

Human Neurophysiology Analysis Technician – To assist a team of experienced
neurophysiologists conduct language, memory, sleep and developmental studies
in humans with MEG and intracranial recordings. MEG localization will use
structural MRI constraints and functional MRI bias. Intracranial recordings
include microelectrode arrays, unit-recordings, and laminar current source
density analysis. The candidate must have high abstract intelligence in
order to rapidly acquire different techniques, modify them as necessary, and
recognize inconsistent results. Prior expertise with MatLab would be very
useful, and some knowledge of neuroscience is expected. Collaborate with a
large, talented and friendly group of scientists, programmers and
technicians engaged in multimodal brain research. The position is available
starting immediately, with the expectation that you would remain for at
least 2 years, but it is subject to annual review and continuation of grant
funding. Everyone is welcome to apply regardless of gender, ethnicity, or
other irrelevancies. Please contact Eric Halgren, Ph.D., Multimodal Imaging
Laboratory, University of California at San Diego,ehalgren at ucsd.edu
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