[FieldTrip] FT_analysis of the average vs average(FT_analysis(single trials))

tommaso fedele fedeletommaso at yahoo.it
Fri May 6 17:28:48 CEST 2011

Hi all, 
I want to test if some component that I observe in the average of my ERP signal 
are phase locked to the stimulus.
In oder to do so I compare
1. TFR_averaged_signal =  ft_freqanalysis(cfg, averaged_signal)
2.  TFR_singletrials_signal =  ft_freqanalysis(cfg, singletrials_signal)

with the first structure TFR_averaged_signal everything is fine, and I get my 
nice TF plot.
with the second I should average through "trials". Is there a function for that? 
Or, is it correct to proceed plotting
the average of  TFR_singletrials_signal.powspctrm through the "trials-matrix 

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