[FieldTrip] PLV analysis clarification

Marco Rotonda marco.rotonda at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 18:10:50 CET 2011

Thanks Matt

> Could it be that you didn't define cfg.channel, cfg.latency, and cfg.frequency?

but that options shouldn't take the default (all) value if aren't specified?

> (and cfg.avgoverfreq—unless, is there a way to run a cluster analysis across multiple frequencies?)

> It seems to me that for a cluster analysis on plv data you need to rename the 'plvspctrm' field to 'cohspctrm' and define cfg.channel with the format {'channel - cohrefchannel'}

that's almost the trick I did following Jan suggestion:

rename plvspctrm into powspctrm and create a label-field, e.g. by   for i =1:size(data_conn.labelcmb,1) data_conn.label{k} = [data_conn.labelcmb{i,1},'_',data_conn.labelcmb{i,2}]; end (and remove the labelcmb field)

btw I added all the cfg you suggested and the cfg.avgoverfreq but I'm getting the same error...


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