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Fri Mar 25 17:09:11 CET 2011

Hi there,
I'm trying to perform the same analysis and the trick Jan give to tranform
the pvlspctrm to powerspctrm and labels give me the ability to compute the
But now I'm trying to do a cluster analysis and if I give this simple

load GApun;
load GArew;

cfg = [];
cfg.method           = 'montecarlo';
cfg.statistic        = 'depsamplesT';
cfg.correctm         = 'cluster';
cfg.clusteralpha     = 0.05;
cfg.clusterstatistic = 'maxsum';
cfg.minnbchan        = 2;
cfg.tail             = 0;
cfg.clustertail      = 0;
cfg.alpha            = 0.025;
cfg.numrandomization = 500;

subj = 40;
design = zeros(2,2*subj);
for i = 1:subj
  design(1,i) = i;
for i = 1:subj
  design(1,subj+i) = i;
design(2,1:subj)        = 1;
design(2,subj+1:2*subj) = 2;

cfg.design   = design;
cfg.uvar     = 1;
cfg.ivar     = 2;

[stat] = ft_freqstatistics(cfg, GApun, GArew);

I have this error:
??? Undefined function or variable "sens".

Error in ==> ft_neighbourselection at 95
if ~isstruct(sens)

Error in ==> statistics_wrapper at 241
    cfg.neighbours = ft_neighbourselection(cfg,varargin{1});

Error in ==> ft_freqstatistics at 127
[stat, cfg] = statistics_wrapper(cfg, varargin{:});

Error in ==> calcoloStudent at 31
[stat] = ft_freqstatistics(cfg, GApun, GArew);

Following the errors I've found that the problem is in:
cfg.correctm         = 'cluster';

If I comment it some analysis are done, but I think that clusters are
skipped (here are some comments):

Warning: The field cfg.clusterstatistic is unused, it will be removed from
The field cfg.clusteralpha is unused, it will be removed from your
The field cfg.clustertail is unused, it will be removed from your

and at the end of randomization:
not performing a correction for multiple comparisons

Any idea?

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