[FieldTrip] generating single / multiple local sphere model using brain surface from segmented MRI

Andreas Wollbrink a.wollbrink at uni-muenster.de
Thu Mar 24 12:23:20 CET 2011

Hi all,

I just tried to generate a multiple local sphere model using a brain 
surface from a segmented MRI following the instructions on


The actual matlab code is:

hdr = ft_read_header('example.ds');
cfg                       = [];
cfg.grad                  = hdr.grad;
ft_segment                = ft_prepare_localspheres(cfg,segmentedmri);

The error message is as follows:

??? Attempted to access cfg.numvertices(1); index out of bounds because 

Error in ==> prepare_mesh_segmentation at 67
   [pnt, tri] = triangulate_seg(seg, cfg.numvertices(i), ori);

Error in ==> ft_prepare_mesh at 104
   bnd = prepare_mesh_segmentation(cfg, mri);

Error in ==> ft_prepare_localspheres at 93
   headshape = ft_prepare_mesh(cfg, mri);

The same error occurred when I tried to generate a single local sphere 
model based on a brain surface derived a segmented MRI.

After defining a value for cfg.numvertices = 3000 I got a reasonable 
good volume conductor model.

Since I am not quite sure which value I should use for the numvertices 
parameter I like to ask for some explanations and suggestions.

Thanks in advance!



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