[FieldTrip] Different way of calculating the covariance for LCM

Jean-Michel Badier jean-michel.badier at univmed.fr
Mon Mar 21 21:58:13 CET 2011

Dear fieldtrip users,

There are different ways of estimating the covariance for LCMV calculation.
If I am correct:

1. As suggested in one of the tutorial one can apply the calculation of 
the covariance directly on the average data (for the different periods 
of interest that are at least a base line and the period of interest).

2. Estimate the covariance from the average of the covariance rather 
than the covariance of the average using cfg.keeptrials = "yes"

3. Estimate the covariance from the whole trials concatenated together.
Is there an easy way to do that in fieldtrip (beside create a new data 
set of one trial constituted of all the trials)?




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