[FieldTrip] Importing epoched data into FieldTrip

Stephen Politzer-Ahles politzerahless at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 04:39:16 CET 2011

Hello everyone,

I am a new FieldTrip user and am hoping to import already-epoched CTF data
for some analysis. I was able to import and preprocess the raw data, but
actually I have already epoched and artifact-rejected the data elsewhere and
was hoping I could avoid redoing this step. Is there any way to import the
data that was already epoched and artifact-rejected, such that it's in the
format FieldTrip needs or functions like ft_timelockanalysis? Any
suggestions or examples would be greatly appreciated.

(Apologies for the novice question; I looked around on the website and
mailing list archives but wasn't able to find any examples of this.)

Thank you,
Steve Politzer-Ahles

Stephen Politzer-Ahles
University of Kansas
Linguistics Department
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