[FieldTrip] Problem passing arguments to peerslave command line executable

Kloosterman, Niels n.a.kloosterman at uva.nl
Tue Jun 7 10:33:39 CEST 2011

Dear Fieldtrippers,

Although I have succesfully used the command-line ./peerslave.glnxa64 to launch slaves for parallel analysis of my batch jobs, I am somehow not able to pass arguments to the command, for example ./peerslave.glnxa64 --number 8, to launch 8 slaves at once. Could anybody tell me what’s going on?

When I execute without arguments this line pops up:

niels at gb-r35n18:~/matlab/fieldtrip-20110526/peer/bin$ ./peerslave.glnxa64
peerslave[9705]: peerinit: niels at gb-r35n18.irc.sara.nl, id = 4020038417

All seems fine: the master is indeed able to send jobs to the slave. No other information is printed to the shell when it gets a job or whatever (is this normal?).

Now when I try to run the --help I get this:

niels at gb-r35n18:~/matlab/fieldtrip-20110526/peer/bin$ ./peerslave.glnxa64 --help
peerslave[9753]: peerinit: niels at gb-r35n18.irc.sara.nl, id = 2887682376
parser: cannot open file --help
peerslave[9753]: cannot read the configuration file

And when I try to do --number 8:

niels at gb-r35n18:~/matlab/fieldtrip-20110526/peer/bin$ ./peerslave.glnxa64 --number 8
peerslave[9759]: peerinit: niels at gb-r35n18.irc.sara.nl, id = 3997336815
./peerslave.glnxa64: unrecognized option '--number'
peerslave[9759]: invalid command line options

I have recompiled the peerslave.glnxa64 by editing the Makefile and using make, but the problem persists. I am using MATLAB 2011a on a 64 bit linux node with 8 cores, which I access interactively using ssh –X.

Any ideas would be appreciated!


Niels Kloosterman

Niels A. Kloosterman MSc.| PhD student | University of Amsterdam | Cognitive Neuroscience Group | Dept. of Psychology | Roetersstraat 15, A614 | 1018 WB Amsterdam | Tel: +31 20 525 6847
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