[FieldTrip] LCMV and SAM

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Dear Jessie
As far as I know only LCMV is applicable in current versions of fieldtrip.
The methods differ mainly in the way the correct orientation of dipoles on a
grid of locations is estimated.
SAM can be run with executable files based on C source, written by Dr.
Robinson. not via matlab or fieldtrip.


On 21 July 2011 16:48, Luo, Jessie (NIH/NIMH) [V] <luoj at mail.nih.gov> wrote:

> Hi,
> Regarding source modelling, I noticed there are options of LCMV and SAM in
> fieldtrip. Would anyone provide details on the differences between the two?
> Thanks,
> Jessie
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a link to the BIU MEG lab:

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