[FieldTrip] ft_connectivityanalysis

Janssen, L.K. (Lieneke) lieneke.janssen at student.ru.nl
Wed Jul 20 13:03:57 CEST 2011

Hey Jan-Mathijs, 

Great, thanks a lot. I was trying your other suggestion, but then I got ill... will keep trying though :). 

The 2nd point:
"What is the error you get when calling ft_freqdescriptives? As such ft_freqdescriptives shouldn't work on the bivariate metric (i.e. cross spectra), and should not worry about labelcmb."

--> I was just trying some things with these functions so I did give it the cohspctrm from freqanalysis (with powandcsd output) as input. Then I got exactly the same error as with ft_connectivityanalysis: 

'Error using ft_selectdata, selection of or averaging across channels in the presence of both label and labelcmb is not possible'. ...coming from ft_selectchannels. 

What I find weird though is that for ft_descriptives this error only appears when I choose a selection of channels, not if it takes all channels. For ft_connectivityanalysis the error appears in both cases: when I give it a selection of channel pairs as well as when it should do all channels. I might have done something wrong or not very careful here though, because I was trying lots of things last week when I encountered the problem. I can't look back unfortunately to what I've done exactly. I wanted to figure out my previous uncarefulness yesterday but didn't get to that.  

The same goes for point 3.. I should try again. But what I did last week: I put in cfg.jackknife = 'yes' + had data with kept trials, but I didn't get a jackknife output there. From the code it seemed either not to actually calculate this measure or not to put it in the output... 


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