[FieldTrip] Undefined variable?

Maarten van-Casteren Maarten.van-Casteren at mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk
Wed Jul 13 14:58:52 CEST 2011

Hi Jörn,

Here's the error message:

??? Undefined function or variable 'meg_zaxis'.

Error in ==> fileio/private/ft_senslabel at 2845
        if size(find(meg_zaxis+1==i),2)

Error in ==> fileio/private/ft_senstype at 241
    elseif (mean(ismember(ft_senslabel('yokogawa440_old_planar'),    sens.label)) > 0.8)

Error in ==> ft_chantype at 70
if ft_senstype(input, 'neuromag')

Error in ==> ft_read_event at 1048
      analogindx = find(strcmp(ft_chantype(hdr), 'analog trigger'));



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Hi Maarten,

I searched my whole FT directory and could not find a single line containing meg_zaxis. I also manually checked  planachannelset.m and ft_senslabel.m and couldn't find the corresponding if-statement. Could you copy the error message(s) from Matlab and send them over?


On 7/13/2011 12:38 PM, Maarten van-Casteren wrote:

I haven't got much experience with Fieldtrip, or with Matlab,
so I apologise if this is a stupid question.

I've downloaded the latest version, and now my code crashes.
It ran without problems before.

The offending line is in ft_senslabel.m :

if size(find(meg_zaxis+1==i),2)

But 'meg_zaxis' doesn't seem to be defined anywhere.
I've searched all code, but can only find 14 instances of
precisely this line, in ft_senslabel.m and planarchannelset.m

Am I missing something?



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