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Dear Kambiz,

Please note there is a short description of the use of ft_databrowser in the

As well as some documentation on visual artifact rejection


On 28 January 2011 13:43, Robert Oostenveld <r.oostenveld at donders.ru.nl>wrote:

> Dear Kambiz
> Although other people's preferences might differ, I would suggest that you
> use visual inspection to detect your artifacts. For trial-based data you
> cannot apply filter padding. The consequence is that the automatic artifact
> detection routine implemented in fieldtrip is likely to suffer from false
> alarms at the edges of your trials, and reduced sensitivity away from the
> edges.
> Visual detection of artifacts can be done using ft_rejectvisual (check out
> the three options it has), and using ft_databrowser.
> best regards,
> Robert
> On 28 Jan 2011, at 6:06, Tavabi, Kambiz wrote:
> > Greetings - this has been an informative discussion. My question remains
> is , what is the consensus on an approach for automatic artifact rejection
> with trial (CTF) data? E.g., could one use the artifact rejection section of
> Michael's code without any padding? I have not found any tutorials or
> suggestions on how to use the artifact rejection tools on trial data...have
> I missed something.
> > -Kambiz
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