[FieldTrip] MEG Artifact removal

Tavabi, Kambiz TAVABIK at email.chop.edu
Sun Jan 16 07:58:50 CET 2011

Greetings - Would someone please comment on the following procedure:

(1) dummy=ft_rejectvisual(cfg,raw-data) where cfg.method='trial', cfg.channel='MEG'
(2) dummy2=ft_rejectvisual(cfg,dummy) where cfg.method='channel', cfg.channel='MEG'
(3) save artifact-rejected-data dummy2

Is this what is actually recommended by the visual artifact rejection tutorial, if not, then is it correct to assume that the final data structure (artifact-rejected-data) is the 'clean' data? Also, are there any automatic artifact rejection options available for trial (CTF) MEG data? Thanks in advance.

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