[FieldTrip] Single-subject Monte Carlo PLV or WPLI test?

Eric Maris e.maris at donders.ru.nl
Tue Feb 22 07:26:10 CET 2011

Hi Matthew,

> The parametric p-vals are much smaller, but wouldn't they have to be?
> To reach significance after Bonferroni correction, they'd have to be
> on the order of .0005. FWIW, when I ran the permutation tests, I did
> see p-vals at the minimum possible values.

If the parametric p-values are around, say, 1e-10, then I would expect the
permutation p-value to be 0, unless numrandomization is set a very high
value (around 1e+10).

It should, however, be legitimate for any given
> electrode pair to permute trials, compute the connectivity metrics and
> their difference, generate a permutation distribution of the
> difference, and make an inference from that, yes? (Although it doesn't
> address the MCP.)



> Thanks for all your help, btw.
> Matthew

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