[FieldTrip] FT doesn't close .fif files

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at donders.ru.nl
Wed Feb 9 10:43:55 CET 2011

Hi Laurence

thanks for the reply to Scott. I had typed my email on the train  
yesterday evening (while offline) and sent it out this morning,  
without checking whether there was any news.

Does fiff_setup_read_raw take a significant amount of time? I.e. is  
there a severe performance impact if we would call it on each  
ft_read_data and fclose also on each call?

If Scott follows standard FieldTrip practise, he could very well call  
ft_read_header in his script but he cannot pass the hdr into the  
subsequent ft_read_data calls (because those are done by   
ft_preprocessing, which will read it's own copy of the header info  

Is the position of the file pointer relevant in the subsequent calls  
to ft_read_data? If not, then we could also do a plain fopen instead  
of fiff_setup_read_raw on subsequent calls to ft_read_data and also  
fclose on each call. A fopen/fseek/fclose does not take any measurable  
time on a modern operating system and file system (because the file is  
read-cached in memory anyway) and the advantage of the stateless  
implementation is worth more than lossing a milisecond on an operation  
that takes a second or more anyway (which is reading the actual data  
data and pumping it to memory).

What we could also do (alternative to the two options above) is to  
have a persistent variable for the filename and for the fid in  
ft_read_header. Using those, it could close the previous file it it  
detects that a new file is opened.


On 8 Feb 2011, at 16:33, Laurence Hunt wrote:

> Hi Scott -
> Thanks for the e-mail - it's a good point.
> The difficulty arises because fiff_setup_read_raw (called by  
> ft_read_header) leaves the .fif file open to be read (it stores the  
> fid in its output structure raw.fid, i.e. hdr.orig.raw.fid for  
> fieldtrip). Unfortunately if we closed it at this stage (i.e. within  
> ft_read_header), fiff_read_raw_segment, which is called by  
> ft_read_data/ft_read_event, doesn't know where to look for the file  
> - it expects a structure to be returned by fiff_setup_read_raw with  
> an open file. Again, we could close the file after calling  
> fiff_read_raw_segment in ft_read_data, but this would assume that  
> ft_read_data/ft_read_event is only going to be called once, whereas  
> some users might want to use hdr=ft_read_header once and then keep  
> on using ft_read_data with same hdr structure, in which case we need  
> to keep the file open.
> Unless you can think of a better solution, my suggestion would be  
> first to call
> hdr=ft_read_header(fname);
> in your script, then supply this hdr to your calls to ft_read_event/ 
> ft_read_data (this should hopefully prevent the file being opened  
> multiple times), and then once you have done all the reading, close  
> that file with
> fclose(hdr.orig.raw.fid);
> Hopefully that will stop you clogging up matlab with open files. Let  
> me know if it works or not.
> Cheers,
> Laurence
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> On 4 Feb 2011, at 16:12, Scott Burns wrote:
>> FieldTrip Experts -
>> I'm building a FieldTrip pipeline for use on M/EEG data collected  
>> on a Neuromag 306 system.  Because I'm looping over subjects (13  
>> currently), event type (5 unique events), and number of runs (4),  
>> there's lots of preprocessing to do.  After processing a certain  
>> amount of files, MATLAB refuses to open more files.
>> I ran 'lsof MATLAB | grep "/autofs/cluster/kuperberg/" (to only  
>> include the data files I'm using, not MATLAB's system files) and  
>> found that for every innermost loop, my script is opening the .fif  
>> file twice and not releasing it.  I use a custom function for  
>> ft_definetrial and in that I use ft_read_event (that operates on  
>> the .fif file). After defining trials, I use ft_preprocessing.
>> I would venture to guess that both ft_read_event and ft_read_data  
>> (ft_preprocessing:line 492) are either 1) not closing files they've  
>> opened (presumably through MNE functions), or 2) they're using  
>> shared code that doesn't close files.  I use MNE and haven't run  
>> into this issue before.  That being said, fclose('all') does close  
>> all these files but I think it's still worth looking into.
>> FWIW I'm using CentOS 5 and MATLAB R2010B (glnxa64).
>> Scott Burns
>> Kuperberg Lab
>> Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging
>> sburns at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
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