[FieldTrip] What exactly does 'minnbchan' refer just to spatial neighbors?

Eric Maris e.maris at donders.ru.nl
Tue Feb 8 07:17:34 CET 2011

Dear David,

> I can't tell if "minimum number of neighbors" means just spatial
> neighbors (i.e., nearby sensors) or if includes temporal and frequency
> neighbors as well.  Could someone clarify?

It means ONLY spatial neighbors.

> Also, just to be clear, if I want to be able to detect an effect that
> I think is at only a single electrode, I should set minnbchan to 0,
> yes?  If understand the parameter correctly, any greater value of
> minnbchan will ignore clusters that are restricted to a single
> electrode.

No, with minnbchan=0, there are no constraints on the clusters. If you want
clusters to be local (as opposed to stretched over a large part of the
scalp), minnbchan should be given a high value. 



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