[FieldTrip] difficulty with nifti format and ft_write_volume

Jen Whitman jenwhitman at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 02:21:17 CET 2011


While writing beamformed images to spm2 format in a previous version of
fieldtrip (now lost due to a computer crash), I was able to get nice-looking
results; networks of brain regions consistent with existing literature. When
I try to write images from the same dataset and the same analysis to spm8
format, my results (t-images computed across subjects) end up being single
clusters spanning large sections of the brain (e.g. a 'blob' spanning all of
one hemisphere but not the other). Unfortunately, some aspects of my planned
data analyses cannot be performed on spm2 images, so I have to find a way of
writing to successfully to nifti format.

I just noticed that in the comments in the ft_write_volume function, which I
am calling via ft_volumewrite, it says 'FIXME' next to nifti under the list
of supported dataformats. Is there by any chance a patch out there for
writing nifti images?

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