Can't read .SMR data into FT

Eduardo Garza egarza at GMAIL.COM
Fri Sep 10 18:57:47 CEST 2010

Dear Vladimir,

Thank you for the answer.
This didn't work, however, a member of our team Morten Jønsson found out the 
problem and apparently a bug.

First, this doesn't work using MATLAB 64-bit, only 32-bit.
Second, this is what Morten suggested:

1. download the newest fieldtrip version
2. download the from
3. download the exe-file from
4. delete the content of the directory
"fieldtrip-20100909\external\neuroshare". This is obsolete (at least
with respect to smr-files). We should add a bug report about this.
5. unpack the in the folder instead
6. place the nscedson.exe file in the folder and run it. This will
generate a nscedson.dll file
7. rename this to nsCedSon.dll

After this, Fieldtrip was able to read the SMR file recorded on Spike 7.2.
However, we still have some issues with defining trials.

If it keeps failing, we will have to do as you said and use the FileIO instead.

Thanks again,

Best regards


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