coherence and inter-trial coherence questions

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I have two questions regarding statistical tests: first one regarding
coherence differences, second one pertaining testing inter-trial coherence.

We are analysing MEG data from an auditory experiment with 5 subjects. We
considered the deviant stimulus as the only stimulus in the recordings,
while the standard one was considered as baseline activity.

We analysed the TFR data in both designs: within-trial and within-subject
using respectively "actvsblT" and "depsamplesT" statistics. In both cases we
compared a time interval extracted from the baseline versus a time interval
from the deviant stimulus response.

We wish to assess coherence differences using "indepsampleZcoh" statistic in
both single-subject and multiple-subject cases. In a previous
Maris replied that this statistic only works in a between-trial design
(for single-subject case) and suggested to compare the different conditions
as they were un-paired.
We exploited this idea for the single-subject case and we would like to know
if it is legitimate to extend the same idea for the multiple-subject

Furthermore we would like to know if there is a way to test inter-trial
coherence differences in Fieldtrip?
In a previous post<>Stephan
suggested how to deal with the problem; is it already implemented?

Thanks in advance for your time


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