cluster-based analysis

Emanuel van den Broeke e.vandenbroeke at ANES.UMCN.NL
Thu Sep 23 12:18:04 CEST 2010

Perhaps someone can answer my question?
After performing the cluster based analysis of the ERPs one has to do a 
permutation test. I'm wondering on what data this permutation test is 
Once you have defined a cluster of adjacent temporal samples you calculate 
the sum of the t-values within each cluster. For statistical analysis, I 
understood, you take the cluster with the highest absolute t-value. 
But on which data does the analysis perfom the permutation test? Is it also 
possible to calculate the mean ERP activity of the cluster period in each 
individual ERP and test these values between the two groups? or is the 
analysis restricted to another way of analysis?

Please let me know,

Best Emanuel

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