Remove muscle artifacts using ICA

Marc Recasens recasensmarc at GMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 28 19:11:55 CEST 2010

Dear all,

I have quite a naive question.
I'm processing some MEG (4-D) datasets in order to use source location
methods afterwards. One of my concerns is that I have some channels (3 in a
row) with a steady high frequency artifact >50Hz (I thought it is muscle
activity, However it is very tonic and present during the whole recording)
which is within my frequencies of interest. This can be seen in the attached
figures: timelocked responses bandpass filtered between 15 and 150 Hz, and
time-frequency activity between 50 and 100 Hz.
As the artefactual channels are put altogether in the right edge of the
sensor array (A148, A147 and A146) interpolation may not be a suitable
method to eliminate those artefactual channels. (?)

I was wondering whether it is possible to correct those artifacts using ICA
in such a way similar to ECG artifact removal using component analysis, that
is, by identifying  and remove those components in the source analysis that
explain the high-frequency artifacts present in some of my channels.

Thanks a lot.

Marc Recasens
Tel.: +34 639 24 15 98

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