Forward model conductivities

Paul Czienskowski paul_c at GMX.DE
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Dear all,

Alexandre Gramford pointed out to me that there was some discussion
ongoing on which conductivities to use for EEG-Forward-Modeling and I'd
like to move this discussion more to public for it could be interesting
for many of us.
I was recently overflying some papers concerned with that very issues
and I made some interesting and discoveries, especially in

    Conductivity of living intracranial tissues. by Latikka J, Kuurne T,
    Eskola H.
    The electrical conductivity of human cerebrospinal fluid at body
    temperature by Baumann et al.

The first one measured the conductivities (or resistivities) of living
brain tissue and came to values of 3.51 Ohms*m and 3.91 Ohms*m for grey
respectively white matter and 0.80 Ohms*m for the CSF (which are about
0.28, 0.256 and 1.25 S/m). In contrary the second one found a value for
1.79 S/m for CSF at body temperature where it was about 1.4 S/m at room
temperature. The Skull-To-Brain conductivity ratio was measured for
example in

    Estimation of /in vivo/ brain-to-skull conductivity ratio in humans
    by Yingchun Zhang, Wim van Drongelen, and Bin He

where they found a ratio of about 1/18.7 which is way larger than the
commonly assumed value.

I would appreciate very much if many of you could contribute to this
discussion by telling us which values you use for the conductivities and
on which publications the are based.


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