Coherence and dipole

Rodolphe batrod at GMAIL.COM
Fri Oct 22 01:47:43 CEST 2010

Dear Fieldtrip users,

I recently run a coherence analysis on my data and i plotted a beautiful
Topographic plot showing a strong coherence between one electrode in left
parietal ( P5) and some right frontal electrodes.
The thing is, when i try with the right parietal equivalent ( P6 ) then i
find a coherence with left frontal. Ans so on with a couple of other
electrodes use as ref channels.
As this symmetry looks awkward to me, is any of you have an idea of a
posible artifact that can cause this, or a possible bias in the analysis? (
I tripled checked my code)


Rodolphe N., Ph.D.

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