Reading a csv file into FieldTrip, calculating power and coherence between channels...

W. Saad ab_saad at LIVE.COM
Wed May 26 12:09:44 CEST 2010


I am new to matlab and FieldTrip - so bare with me and thanks for your feedback in advance :)

I have a csv file containing readings for 25 electrode EEG trial. There are 129,908 readings in
the file (sampling rate is 256 - approx. 507 seconds) The file is 25 columns by 129,908 rows.

I would like to calculate power for each of the 5 wave types for each channel. Also, I would
like to find the coherence for all intra-hemispheric and inter-hemispheric pairwise
combination of the 25 channels (300 in total).

I am trying the following code but getting a memory error and other errors (code is mostly based
on the samples I have found in FieldTrip website).



% cell-array containing strings, Nchan X 1
data.label = {'E2' 'E3' 'E4' 'E5' 'E6' 'E7' 'E8' 'E9' 'E10' 'E11' 'E12' 'E13' 'E14' 'E15' 'E16' 'E17' 'E18' 'E19' 'E20' 'E21' 'E22' 'E23' 'E24' 'E25' 'E26'};

% sampling frequency in Hz, single number
data.fsample = 256;

% cell-array containing a data matrix for each trial (1 X Ntrial), each data matrix is Nchan X Nsamples 
data.trial = {rdata};

% cell-array containing a time axis for each trial (1 X Ntrial), each time axis is a 1 X Nsamples vector 
timevector = [1:filelength];
data.time = { timevector };

cfg            = [];
cfg.output     = 'powandcsd';
cfg.method     = 'mtmfft';
cfg.foilim     = [0.5 50];
cfg.tapsmofrq  = 5;
cfg.keeptrials = 'yes';    = {'all' };
cfg.channelcmb = {'all' 'all'};
freq           = ft_freqanalysis(cfg, data);

cfg            = [];
cfg.method     = 'coh';
cfg.channelcmb = {'all' 'all'};
fd             = ft_connectivityanalysis(cfg, freq);

% Let us not draw for now..
%cfg                  = [];
%cfg.xparam           = 'freq';
%cfg.zparam           = 'cohspctrm';
%cfg.xlim             = [5 80];
%cfg.cohrefchannel    = 'EMGlft';
%cfg.layout           = 'CTF151.lay';
%cfg.showlabels       = 'yes';
%figure; ft_multiplotER(cfg, fd)


The messages/error I get is:

the input is raw data with 25 channels and 1 trials
??? Maximum variable size allowed by the program is exceeded.

Error in ==> dpss>dpsscalc at 127
E = zeros(N,k(2)-k(1)+1);

Error in ==> dpss at 54
   [E,V] = dpsscalc(N,NW,k);

Error in ==> ft_freqanalysis_mtmfft>double_dpss at 423
tap = dpss(double(a), double(b), varargin{:});

Error in ==> ft_freqanalysis_mtmfft at 249
    tap = double_dpss(numdatbns,numdatbns*(cfg.tapsmofrq./data.fsample))';

Error in ==> ft_freqanalysis at 75
  [freq] = feval(sprintf('ft_freqanalysis_%s',lower(cfg.method)), cfg, data);

Error in ==> saad_fieldtrip at 29
freq           = ft_freqanalysis(cfg, data);


I have been looking around in the discussion board trying to find how to read a csv file with no success (though it looks to me it 
was read successfully since Fieldtrip detected it has 25 channels).

Also, I am worried about the message 
??? Maximum variable size allowed by the program is exceeded.
Because most of my trials are huge in size, in fact the biggest file size I have is 25 columns x 250,000 rows (~60MB).

Your input is highly appreciated.

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