Error in the description of funcolorlim ??

Michael Wibral michael.wibral at WEB.DE
Tue May 25 17:54:56 CEST 2010

Dear Listusers,

I am trying to plot just the negative values of my sourcestatistics, and it seems difficult to achieve this so that the parts in the data.outside region and the part outside of the head are transparent. Does anybody know how to do this?

The other thing that I am wondering about is if the documentation of funcolorlim in ft_sourceplot is entirely correct. In the help it says:

cfg.funcolorlim   = color range of the functional data (default = 'auto')
 [min max]
 'maxabs', from -max(abs(funparameter)) to +max(abs(funparameter))
 'zeromax', from 0 to max(abs(funparameter))
 'minzero', from min(abs(funparameter)) to 0
 'auto', if funparameter values are all positive: 'zeromax',
 all negative: 'minzero', both possitive and negative: 'maxabs'

What I am wondering about is that when values are all negative  (say from -6 to -0.1) it chooses 'minzero'. This would, according to the above description result in values from min(abs(funparameter))=+0.1 to 0 being plotted, i.e. if this were corrcet it would try to plot small positive values... . I guess this is an error in the documentation, with the 'abs' being wrong. Any comments on this would be appreciated.


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