File format and source reconstruction

Mette Lindegaard mlindegaard at MSN.COM
Fri May 7 14:43:57 CEST 2010

Dear FiledTrip experts,
We are two engineering students from the Technical University of Denmark right now writing a bachlor project about EEG source reconstruction.
We have EEG-data from 16 patients in the file format .rec. The data is already preprocessed and divided into artefact free segments of approximately 1-3 seconds. We have already converted the data to .mat format, where there is a .mat file for each of the 19 electrodes and segment. Our first challenge is to import the data into something fieldtrip recognizes, whereafter our main goal is to calculate a 3D source reconstruction with the LORETA algorithm.
We hope that this isn't a too big question for you to answer.
Best regards Sofie Therese Hansen and Mette Lindegaard. 		 	   		  
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